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Ocean FCL Shipping

Discover Versatile Freight Solutions for Your Next Shipment

Effortlessly secure ocean freight shipping services through The Atlas Group. Our platform empowers you with swift access to quotes, complete cost transparency, and continuous sea freight monitoring, 24/7. 

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Efficiently Explore, Evaluate, and Reserve

Instantaneously retrieve quotes for ocean freight shipping through The Atlas Group and gain access to a comprehensive breakdown of the final cost.

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Enhanced Real-time Shipment Oversight

Leveraging The Atlas Group's network of GPS-tracked vessels and the integration of third-party data sources, you'll experience heightened end-to-end visibility throughout the shipping process.

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Continuous Sea Freight Monitoring

Streamline your tracking efforts by overseeing all your bookings from a unified perspective. Receive immediate notifications of any alterations in your shipment's status, ensuring a seamless logistics experience.

Ocean FCL Shipping

Discover Versatile Freight Solutions for Your Next Shipment

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Pick-Up and Delivery

Receive upfront, all-inclusive pricing for your final drayage, with no unexpected charges.

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Ocean Freight Transportation

Our direct contracts with all major alliances guarantee that your cargo will sail on schedule.

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Customs Clearance

Our team at The Atlas Group proactively handles ISF filings and manages exceptions with a structured escalation plan, keeping your shipments on track.

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Warehousing and Distribution

Benefit from our expansive network of certified warehouses, strategically positioned to bring your products closer to your customers, enabling faster 1-2 day shipping speeds.

Cargo Categories

Tailored Ocean Shipping Solutions, Customized to Your Needs

Air Mode Below

We have expertise, infrastructure and strong financial background to provide full range of logistics services for air shipments: We have good tie-ups with the major airlines and due to our committed volume and support; we are able to get the best deals in terms of both service and rates. We ensure that these benefits are passed on to the customer.

Over Dimension Cargo

Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) refers to shipments that exceed the standard dimensions and weight limits set by airline association, ODC includes various types of goods, such as heavy machinery, large structures, and offshore equipment, that require specialised handling and transportation methods via air.

Reefer Cargo

Reefers shipment in Air used to transport perishable cargo such as fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, dairy, flowers, pharmaceuticals, photographic film, and several chilled and frozen goods that might spoil if not maintained at the right Temperature. We are expertise to handle this Temperature controlled cargo.

Cargo Categories

Tailored Ocean Shipping Solutions, Customized to Your Needs

Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous Cargo Handling are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/ or their means of transport.

Safely transporting hazardous material by air begins with proper shipping and handling and we have expertise for the same

Time Critical Cargo

We offer a full range of express services including same day, overnight, and next day shipping with world's largest fleet of aircraft, we make more overnight, on-time, guaranteed deliveries in many countries.

Air Charter

An air charter involves getting an exclusive aircraft booked from a specific origin to a destination for your cargo needs based on your time frame.

Cargo Categories

Tailored Ocean Shipping Solutions, Customized to Your Needs


Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more.


Analyze your supply chain with easy-to-use reporting tools and optimize your supply chain.


Upload or download customs documents, waybills, invoices and more without the hassle.


Save time by paying invoices without any need of calls or emails


Excellent company
quality services

This Atlas Group team is amazing. Professional, timely, communicative. They work seamlessly and when troubleshooting is needed, they always find the right solution.

Oliver D. Dummer
General manager

We were having quite a challenge finding a vendor who could fulfill our PPE needs quickly. Fortunately Atlas Group Team was suggested. Logistics Plus has been able to fulfill our orders quickly and accurately. We also appreciate the flexibility they have.

Roseanne M. Lewis
Application Designer

Previously, we had delays in shipments and also problems with damage. But after we started working with Atlas Group we didn’t have a damage claim for over six months. We get on time deliveries, and Atlas Group cut down on the damage to less than 1% from 15% or more before.

Steven M. Jones
CEO & Founder
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