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Multimodal Shipments

We handle door to door shipments from/to all parts of the world. We engage in all modes of transport to optimize the transportation time and reduce costs. The characteristics of the cargo are analyzed to select the optimum mode of transportation. Various arrangements are made for loading, stacking and securing, and unloading.

Intermodal Freight transport is used in feasible cases, to increase security and reduce cargo handling. Delivery time, costs, frequency and security are the key factors considered for the entire transportation process.


What People’s Say About Atlas Group

This Atlas Group team is amazing. Professional, timely, communicative. They work seamlessly and when troubleshooting is needed, they always find the right solution.

Oliver D. Dummer

General manager

We were having quite a challenge finding a vendor who could fulfill our PPE needs quickly. Fortunately Atlas Group Team was suggested. Logistics Plus has been able to fulfill our orders quickly and accurately. We also appreciate the flexibility they have.

Roseanne M. Lewis

Application Designer

Previously, we had delays in shipments and also problems with damage. But after we started working with Atlas Group we didn’t have a damage claim for over six months. We get on time deliveries, and Atlas Group cut down on the damage to less than 1% from 15% or more before."

Steven M. Jones

ceo & founder