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Jeena aims to transform mid, last mile movements with TechEagle drones

The legacy logistics brand Jeena & Co on Thursday announced a partnership with the drone delivery company TechEagle and as a first step Jeena has provided on-ground logistics support to TechEagle in the successful completion of Asia’s first drone-based vaccine delivery project in complete cold chain environment for the Telangana government.

During the project, TechEagle’s Drone delivered vaccines in a temperature-controlled box weighing 2.5kg for an aerial distance of 11.5km Drone maintained 2.4 degree Celsius throughout the flight. For the project, Jeena Criticare managed the on-ground logistics & transportation while TechEagel was the Drone OEM & Operator, for the specialised drone-enabled medical supply chain.

Vikram Singh Meena, founder and CEO, TechEagle Innovations, said, “Being the front runner of drone delivery, we could not have asked for a better partner than Jeena with over 100 years of experience, reach and domain expertise, we have already completed Asia’s first drone-based vaccine delivery as part of the Medicine from the Sky project by Telangana Government, World Economic Forum, NITI Aayog & Apollo Hospitals. We look forward to transforming the last & mid mile supply chain with our indigenous drone technology and Jeena’s 100+ years of domain expertise.”

Cyrus Katagra, director, Jeena & Co, added, “Deploying drones can reduce the delivery time for a 2-hour road journey, to a mere 15-20 mins flight time. In the near future, with TechEagle as our drone delivery partner, we aim to expand our drone-based service offerings to our existing and potential clients across retail, manufacturing, F&B as well as healthcare and pharma. With the right partners by your side, the world can truly be your oyster.”

With a number of relaxations in the drone procurement and use by the private sector, the new policy has also increased the permissible weight load for drones and drone taxis, from the previous 300 kgs to 500Kg, which translates as a major disrupter for the logistics sector. The move, when implemented, will help the logistics and supply chain sector to optimise resources and minimize dependency on conventional modes of transport, while also building greener supply chain networks.

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