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Corporate Achievements

Case Studies

“We benchmark our success through an insight into our customer’s experiences. Shown below are the comments and feedback from our valued customers.”

Muskan overseas is a “one star” export house recognized by the Government of India. They are a leading supplier of basmati rice and other frozen vegetables. With their extensive quality policies, they have a large customer base in Middle East, Europe and Asia.
We have handled movement of various food stuffs for Muskan, of which the project of frozen peas was most appreciated.

The situation:

  • The cargo was to be supplied to various industrial users.
  • Atlas was responsible for the multi modal transport of the cargo from various inland pick-up points of India to various European ports, subsequently maintaining the cold chain.

The Challenges:

  • Time-sensitive shipment.
  • Special equipment was difficult to acquire because of peak season for grapes.
  • The movement consisted of various containers to different countries, thus proper tracking was to be maintained with PO, shipper invoice details and other shipment details.
  • Consistency of prescribed temperature throughout the supply chain was to be ensured.

Our Solutions:

  • Just-in-time delivery was ensured; we were in close co-ordination with the consignee and monitored the cargo movement at every step, including warehousing, loading, unloading etc.
  • The nature and characteristics of the cargoes were studied carefully and accordingly special handling equipments and vehicles were arranged.
  • A proper strategy was designed to execute delivery within the timeframes- managing inventory, order processing, providing superior pick pack and shipping.
  • We offered vehicles at short notices ensuring quality of vehicles, specifications.
  • Log book was maintained with temperature records at regular interval and other details of the cargo.


Balance of cost and good service level was ensured, which helped attain customer satisfaction.