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  • Ocean Logistics:
    • We provide one stop logistical solution for all types of cargo movement on the high seas:

      Ocean Outbound:

      We are a registered MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) and offer door-to door services from all the ports in India to all international destinations and issue our own bill of loading.
      We are also a non- USA based FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) certified and issue our own Bill of lading for the USA trade lanes.
      We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with most of the major carriers and enjoy Tier 1 rates. We file our own AMS & ISF online, approved by the CBP/US customs.

      Ocean Inbound:

      With our wide network of partners worldwide we are able to handle shipments from all parts of the world. Along with our partners we provide personalized services to our customers and provide end-to end movement information. We are well experienced with the clearance of all types of commodities.

  • Air Logistics:
    • We have expertise, infrastructure and strong financial background to provide full range of logistics services for air shipments:

      Air Outbound:

      We have good tie-ups with the major airlines and due to our committed volume and support; we are able to get the best deals in terms of both service and rates. We ensure that these benefits are passed on to the customer.
      Some of the carriers we most commonly deal with are American Airlines, Jet, continental, Lufthansa, Air India, Emirates, Singapore airlines, Thai and Korean airlines.
      Our team has full Knowledge on handling special cargoes and due care is taken to keep you informed about the whereabouts of the cargo at all times.

      Air Inbound:

      We offer door-to door services for all air cargo from all countries of origin. Our dedicated partners help us provide updated tracking details to the customers.
      We ensure quick clearance and delivery of the cargo arriving in India, with our own team being situated in the major airports in India.

  • Road Transportation:
    • We transport all kinds of cargo reliably within the committed time.

      Striking features:

      Principal Equipment decision: The optimum type of equipment is used for cartage considering the weight, dimensions, volume of the cargo. Also the legal limitation on weight, height etc is well taken into consideration.

      Hub and spoke model: For more than two-three location distribution, a central hub is chosen for common haulage and thereafter the cargo is transported on different carriers from this terminal to various final destinations.

      Over Dimensional Cargo: Our team understands the specific needs of the customer and handles all types of over dimensional cargoes. Special survey reports are prepared on feasibility of road routes, site accessibility and weather conditions and delivery time. Special arrangements are made to move cargoes which may hamper the flow of traffic due to their huge size. In the past, we have handled consignments for which we had to make temporary roads on prior approval from the authorities.

  • Product Sourcing:
    • Our well established network helps us attain a competitive edge in "finding the best sources" to purchase goods. Our association with some of the major buying houses helps us satisfy the client's requirements. We can source all kinds of products- examples of some products we have dealt in the recent past are Handicrafts items, Communication Equipment's, paper, machinery etc.

      We provide buying services bundled with sound market base and adequate infrastructure.

  • P.O. Management:
    • We analyze the entire supply chain for the customers and help them manage orders effectively and cost efficiently. We bring the customers closer to the product by giving them advanced planning and notifications on inventories.

      We try to minimize bottlenecks and errors and help establish a smooth process of sale.

  • Packaging and Crating:
    • Packaging refers to enclosing the products in such a way that, it is fit for transportation, storage and sale. Thus, we analyze the distinct characteristics of each product like melting point etc and accordingly the products are crated and packaged.

      Various products are also bundled together for ease of transportation. For security reasons, tamper resistant materials, fumigation may be used.

      Labeling and color code helps to differentiate the product content. Hazardous cargo is packaged as per the requirements of the carrier/ regulating bodies.

  • Consolidation:
    • We have our own console (ocean/air) for most of the US and European destinations. We facilitate consolidation by trucking cargo from various locations to our warehouse. As per the customer’s requirements these may be required to be packed, labeled, marked and then stuffed into the container/ boxes for further movement.

      We also offer deconsolidation services - unpacking, marking and delivering the goods as per the requirements of the customer at destination.

  • Warehousing:
    • We manage our warehouse activities in such a way that it helps us formulate seamless integration of the supply chain. Our store keepers manage cargo reception, sorting, unpacking, packing and repacking, labeling, storage, retrieval and picking, consolidation and outward delivery step-by step to improve the handling efficiency in the warehouse management system.

      We believe that a crucial element for an effective logistics management is the efficiency of warehousing operations in terms of service and cost.

  • Customs Brokering:
    • We help our customer in smooth clearance for both inbound and outbound cargo.

      Our Services include:

      • Timely preparation and submission of documents.
      • Calculating duties, taxes and excises.
      • Facilitating information between various parties involved.
      • Arrange trans-shipment
      • Arrange re-export
  • Insurance Consultancy:
    • We help our customers hedge risk by providing marine cargo insurance between the point of origin and final destination for all modes of transportation.

      We offer our expert advice on procedures and policies relating to claim settlement and preparation of paperwork.

  • Break-Bulk and Project Shipment:
    • We design the most efficient and cost-effective frameworks for our clients, for smooth handling of cargo from its very inception till the final door delivery and much more.
      • Advance Planning
      • Consulting and feasibility studies
      • Contracts with heavy-haulers and specialized equipment suppliers
      • Lifting and transportation of over dimensional cargoes at origin and destination
      • Door-to-Door insurance coverage
      • Smooth clearance process
      • Specialized service for surveys and permits
      • On-site assistance with supervision
      • Escort services
      • Timeline updates at every stage
      • Part and full charters
      • Specialized in handling hazardous and sensitive cargo

      Our team of experts has provided the following services, with their knowledge and experience:

      • Turnkey Solutions to large projects
      • Dismantling and relocating entire plants
      • Chartering
      • Tailor made services for heavy and bulky units
      Some recent shipment handled by us
  • Multimodal Shipments:
    • We handle door to door shipments from/to all parts of the world. We engage in all modes of transport to optimize the transportation time and reduce costs. The characteristics of the cargo are analyzed to select the optimum mode of transportation. Various arrangements are made for loading, stacking and securing, and unloading.

      Intermodal Freight transport is used in feasible cases, to increase security and reduce cargo handling. Delivery time, costs, frequency and security are the key factors considered for the entire transportation process.

  • Chartering:
    • We charter vessels and aircrafts as agents from the owners on special requirements of our customers. We offer our guidance to form the charter contract and other documents in this aspect. We help record the exact rate, duration and the terms agreed between the ship owner and the customer.

      We also facilitate marine insurance and stevedoring.

  • Supply Chain Management:
    • The key to achieving collaborative breakthrough in a supply chain is establishing strong communication channels and the timely flow of goods and information. Thus, we help our customers by forming strategic partnerships and establish synergies between them to channelize the flow of goods and information.

      We aim to bring all the partners together for creating an ultimate product/ service which is beneficial to all.

  • Perishable Goods:
    • We help the customers carry time and temperature-sensitive goods very effectively by providing optimum packaging and handling methods. Our years of experience enable us to deliver your cargo at your doorstep in good order.

      We ensure smooth documentation and clearance, keeping in mind the short shelf life of the commodity.

  • Dangerous Goods:
    • We ensure safe handling of dangerous goods by providing technical knowledge, optimum storage conditions and other handling services. We offer our guidance on implementing standards of documentation and procedures.

      Our team is well aware of rules and regulations on carrying dangerous goods, which help us and the customers reduce the risk involved in carrying such goods

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